Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Past Province Polemarchs

The Middle Eastern Province has had some of the Fraternity's most renowned members at the helm. We give full honor and revere to the visionaries that have helped build the mighty Middle Eastern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Province Polemarch (Chapter of Initiation) Years Served
T. Gillis Nutter* (Tau) 1926-1927
William F. Savoy* (Delta) 1927-1930
Dr. George F. David II* (Delta) 1930-1931
B.L. Goode* (Delta) 1931-1939
Aaron Page* (Tau) 1939-1949
Curtis Todd* (Xi) 1949-1952
Carl Hazard* (Bluefield Alumni) 1952-1954
Frank Burnett* (Tau) 1954-1963
J. Kenneth Lee (Alpha Nu) 1963-1964
Thomas E. Ashe* (Tau) 1964-1967
Howard C. Barnhill* (Alpha Nu) 1967-1971
Crawford E. Lane Sr.* (Alpha Nu) 1971-1974
David L. Thompkins (Winston-Salem Alumni) 1974-1978
Alfred Perry (Alpha Nu) 1978-1981
James Jenkins* (Alpha Nu) 1981-1982
Randal M. Rogers (Alpha Kappa) 1982-1985
William Hooker (Delta Gamma) 1985-1989
Alfred "Al" White (Winston-Salem Alumni) 1989-1993
Joseph King Davis (Alpha Kappa) 1993-1997
Melvin R. Pierce* (Epsilon Beta) 1997-2003
Sheldon L. McAlpin (Gamma Phi) 2003-2011
Carlos D. Watson, Esq. (Alpha Kappa) 2011-2016
MIchael F. Brown (Raleigh Alumni) 2016-Present

* - Chapter Invisible